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Welcome to Englishmamash,

the best editing, marketing and copywriting service in Israel. We specialize in working with Israeli businesses that have clients from abroad, are trying to win clients from abroad, or just recognize the importance of using accurate, engaging English in ALL of their communication.

It is challenging to compose the perfect proposal or presentation in a language that is not your mother tongue. Nonetheless, your clients expect you to show them perfection – and that means 100% perfect English.

Englishmamash advises on all aspects of editing, marketing and copywriting and helps you set yourself kilometers (miles, for you Americans out there) in front of the competition. We recognize the immense amount of work you’ve undertaken just to get to this point, and we give you the last push needed to break away from your competitors.

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Still not convinced? Learn a little more about us, and don’t forget to read our references.

Wishing you the most success,

Marissa and the team at Englishmamash