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“Chicken” Fried Rice



If you understand the title of this post***, you understand why it is so freaking important to use correct punctuation in all of your communication – emails, websites, presentations, you name it.

Punctuation in Ivrit is a wee bit less formal than punctuation in English. Unfortunately for you, punctuation helps strengthen your brilliant ideas. If your punctuation is all wrong, how the heck can people focus on your message?

Here are a few tricks worthwhile to remember. There are always exceptions, but follow these rules and you should generally be good-to-go.

  1. These punctuation marks (. , ‘ “?!<>) are always connected to a letter or a number, without a space. The –  and & symbols are usually freestanding
  2. If you have a list with more than three things, use a : at the beginning of the list, with commas in between the items on your list
  3. If you have two complete sentences, either use a . to separate them, or a ; to connect them. Do not use a , or a :
  4. For the love of God, only use ONE ! or ? We get the point
Good luck ya’ll!

***For those of you who didn’t get it, the quotes around “Chicken” imply that a fake substitute is being used in place of real chicken. This is what we call an unfortunate placement of quotation marks.


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