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Let’s Play Ball!



I once worked for a manager who loved to use American sports expressions when discussing business. Despite the fact our department was international and likely had NO idea what in the hell she was talking about, no one ever asked her to clarify. Here are a few commonly-used sports phrases and their meanings, so you can “play ball” with the best of them 😉

Common expression: “Who will step up to the plate?”

Interpretation: “Who will accept this task/role? (Usually used when there is something challenging or unpleasant at hand)

Sport of origin: Baseball

Common expression: “Let’s hit this out of the park!”

Interpretation: “Let’s do a great job with this task/project!”

Sport of origin: Baseball

Common expression: “Knock ’em dead”

Interpretation: “Do a great job”

Sport of origin: Boxing? Football? Not entirely sure.

Common expression: “I’m going to throw a Hail Mary…”

Interpretation: “I’m going to just do something and hope for the best.”

Sport of origin: Football

Common expression: “You are skating on thin ice.”

Interpretation: “You are taking a dangerous risk”

Sport of origin: Hockey/Ice Skating


Can you think of any other sports expressions not on the list?


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