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Social Media – The Big 4



By now, most of you know about the social media “big 4” – Facebook, Linked in, Twitter and Blogging. Most likely, you use at least one of these tools in your personal life, professional life, or a mix of the two. Over the next week or two, I will write in-depth about each of these social media beasts, hereafter known as the “big 4”. These posts will help you figure out which of the 4 takes the most time and effort, which requires the highest level of English and which ones you can get away with not doing at all.

A general tip, if you please, regardless of whether you plan on using Facebook/Linked in/Twitter/Blog, REGISTER A USER NAME FOR EACH OF THESE TOOLS. This way, after you become successful, no one can pretend to be you, Joe Schmostein, by registering a Twitter handle using your name (@JoeSchmostein).  Also, if at some point in the future you decide you want to use Twitter, voila, you’re already signed up.

But first, a brief poll….


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