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Linked in: Not a waste of time



When it comes to Linked in, most of ya’ll are already experts. There is little I can teach on the how-to side of things, so I’ll focus on what I know best: writing a kick-ass profile.

As always, a few simple rules:
1. Spell check (check!), grammer check (check!), tense check (check!) and read through it at least twice. Then give it to a native English speaker to read through. Don’t know any native English speakers? Hire me. The point is, your Linked in profile is your virtual business card. First impressions count and excuses are pointless.
2. Fill out the damn thing. Congrats, you were a VP of Information Security Systems at a well-known multinational company. And? What else? Keep going! Linked in gives you ample space to fill in previous work experience, skills, interests, etc. It is free advertising. I shouldn’t have to talk you into it – it is FREE. Take the 10 minutes and fill out your profile stat.
3. Upload a picture. Pictures are not just for attractive people. Choose one that makes you look intelligent and approachable. A solid picture adds a bit of ‘friendly’ to any profile. Also, no offense to you Israelis, but 99.5% of the time Americans/Brits/Canadians/everyone not Israeli has NO IDEA WHETHER YOUR NAME IS MALE, FEMALE or BOTH! Add to the confusion that many family names can also be used as first names, and you’ve got confusion times 10. A picture clears up that problem.
4. Along the same lines, don’t bother filling your profile out in Hebrew or writing your name in Hebrew (or any foreign language that does not use Latin letters). Even if you’re only planning on working b’aretz, use English and stop confusing everyone.


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