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We take immense pride in all of our work and feel a sense of responsibility toward every single client. We brainstorm with you, roll up our sleeves with you, and ultimately celebrate your successes with you.

Here are a few of our recent reviews (translated from Hebrew):

In my search for English editing of my thesis work studies in Germany I came across this site and Marissa.

My thesis work was a length of about 60-70 pages on EU Political Science.
Before I chose Marissa as an editor, I contacted another 2 different editors and asked everyone to give me a sample edit of one page.
The difference between the samples was huge. Certainly in terms of academic language and view, Marissa was several levels above the other editors, and indeed she was able to elevate my job and do it wonders.
Despite a field of study that is not her main area, she knew right away all the content I had written and all the arguments and theories I presented (not obvious at all). Even when she altered sentences I wrote that weren’t clear or that did not make much sense, she was able to restate in a clean and clear way, without the slightest change in the meaning.
Marissa is also the most professional editor  in terms of accessibility (I could always communicate with her and talk to her about work) and she met all of her deadlines.
In addition, she offered to pass through the thesis one last time after all the changes and editing – which was very important!

I strongly recommend. – Michal