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Facebook – part deux



Welcome to Facebook – part deux, which is a guide intended for any business NOT in the Fortune 500. First off, forget everything you think you know about Facebook. Likely, your knowledge is limited to having a personal account – meaning you spy on old classmates and post silly pictures of your dog or children.

Facebook offers two options for promoting your business, which are not mutually exclusive (you can have both)!

Option 1: A Facebook Fan page. This is the page where people can click “Like”. It is a great place to share information with your adoring fans. You can post photos (not of your kids), videos, links, you name it. FB fan pages are also compatible with Twitter, so you can actually link these two services together. Posting on FB and having it magically appear on your Twitter saves you time and effort.

Your fans who have clicked Like are also able to post on the page’s wall, which encourages interaction.  People are inclined to Like your page because it takes only one click to have access to all of the content.

To tell you the absolute truth, Fan pages are the way to go.  They are easy to create, easy to maintain and are easy to attract followers.

Moving on….

Option 2: Facebook Groups. Before Fan pages were created, Groups were the best option for creating a ‘meeting spot’ for your clients/friends/family, etc. With the creation of Fan pages, Groups are decidedly less special, and certainly less common. One inarguable benefit is the ability to make a group “hidden”, or only available to select people. This is a way to limit random weirdos who may want to join, and to protect the privacy of the people in the group. “ONLY the members of the class of 2003 can join this Group, and I mean it!!!” can actually be enforced.

Otherwise, Groups are quite similar to pages…go ahead, post on the wall, add a photo, you can upload documents, blah blah…

But really, go get yourself a Fan page.